[Fontconfig] Thai fonts small compared to regular characters

Ruben Vermeersch lists at lambda1.be
Mon Jul 26 18:35:09 EST 2004


I'm trying to learn thai, but I'm having some problems with the
display of thai fonts on my gnome desktop. For some reason, thai fonts
are rendered a lot smaller then regular characters. Since the regular
characters and the thai characters are taken from a different font, i
believe it should be possible to make my thai letters bigger, leaving
the latin's at their regular (sufficient) size. The link below shows
my problem: (Whole GTK has this, not only firefox):


I have been told that using the Loma font could help, but how do i setup
fontconfig to use Loma instead of Garuda (or whatever font it is
currently using). I don't want to use Loma as a systemwide font, since
it latin characters don't match Sans completely.

Thanks in advance,

Ruben Vermeersch
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