[Fontconfig] fc-cache and new fonts (and docs)

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Sun Mar 21 06:41:25 EST 2004

Hello fontconfig community:

I help maintain packages for the pkgsrc collection [1].

At this time whenever fontconfig is installed a message is displayed
suggesting that fc-cache to be ran.

Our fontconfig package fontconfig-2.2.1nb3 doesn't have any fc-cache

We are getting ready to have fc-cache run automatically when it is

Also our "font" packages use a common font framework.

Should we make it so whenever a font package is added or removed,
fc-cache should be ran?

Can fc-cache be ran just to update for that single font or should it
rebuild for all fonts?

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

What do other package systems do for their fc-cache/fontconfig usage? (Do
they automate it?)

Please carbon-copy on replies.

Thank you.

   Jeremy C. Reed

[1] pkgsrc is a portable package building system for Linux, NetBSD,
Darwin, Mac OS X, Irix, SunOS/Solaris, AIX, HPUX, BSD/OS, FreeBSD, Windows
and other operating systems for managing nearly 5000 software suites. It
provides: 1) a categorized collection of specifications that help automate
fetching, checking checksums, patching, configuring, building, installing
and packaging software suites; 2) package installation and maintenance
tools (like pkg_add, pkg_info, pkg_delete and others).

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