[Fontconfig] fc-cache and new fonts (and docs)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Mar 21 06:55:31 EST 2004

Around 11 o'clock on Mar 20, "Jeremy C. Reed" wrote:

> Should we make it so whenever a font package is added or removed,
> fc-cache should be ran?

Yes, that's best -- fc-cache stores information about the fonts in global 
files.  If it's not run, the first fontconfig application started after 
the filesystem change will spend a moment or two scanning the new fonts.

> Can fc-cache be ran just to update for that single font or should it
> rebuild for all fonts?

fc-cache checks file and directory timestamps, scanning only files which 
have changed since the cache was built.  If you install a few new fonts, 
it should run very quickly.

You can pass the '-f' option to force every font to be rescanned; you'll 
want to do that when you install a new version of fontconfig itself as
the new version may have bugs fixed in font scanning which can only be 
fixed by ignoring any existing information.


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