[Fontconfig] More spec file fixes.

Enrique Perez-Terron enrio at online.no
Sun Mar 21 09:18:13 EST 2004

Hello all,

This patch works against the cvs.

I do: 

  cvs checkout fontconfig;
  patch -p0 < fontconfig-spec.patch;
  cd fontconfig; 
  make dist; 
  rpmbuild -tb fontconfig-2.2.92.tar.gz

Changes spelled out: 
-Added mandir /man1/* to main file list
-Added missing '/*' after includedir/fontconfig to avoid "listed twice" 
 error. These two changes have been submitted before.
-Removed configure option --disable-docs since its problem is solved, 
 see next point. 
 Added instead --with-docdir=... which actually has no effect since it 
 is overridden inn the makeinstall. It would have importance if any of 
 the executables made references to this directory.
-Added option to makeinstall to have it install docs in the proper 
 directory. Notice though that the %doc macro deletes and recreates the 
 docs directory.
-Cleaner separation of devel docs.
-Renamed /usr/share/doc/fontconfig-devel-*/fontconfig-devel subdirectory 
 to 'html'.
-Removed %doc macro from devel filelist, since it deletes installed files.

Regards, Enrique

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