[Fontconfig] Aliases

Ciprian Popovici ciprian at zuavra.net
Tue Mar 30 05:01:06 EST 2004

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004 16:01:08 +0200 Radu Maurer <radu at gmx.info> wrote:
>         <alias>
>                 <family>Times</family>
>                 <accept><family>Nimbus Roman No9 L</family></accept>
>         </alias>

It could be any number of things:
* make sure you use /etc/fonts/fonts.conf, not fonts.config
* make sure that "Nimbus Roman No9 L" appears in the output from `fc-list`
* make sure that the cumulated fonts.conf, local.conf and ~/.fonts.conf, in
this order, don't mess up your aliases
* refresh the cache with `fc-cache -fv`

Ciprian Popovici

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