[Fontconfig] Attitude to patches made by firefly

Tsai Dung-Bang dbtsai at phys.ncku.edu.tw
Mon Nov 15 07:04:01 EST 2004

This patch is very good for me.
I am a Chinese user.
But in Linux, I can't use chinese font well.
Including bold font...etc...can't display in Linux.

But firefly's patch solve these problems.

Each time I install linux, I have to patch them and recompiler.
It's not a convient thing for end user.

As a result, I holpe fontconfig can accept this patch... please...

Thansk's ...

by Dung-Bang Tsai from Taiwan

Funda Wang 提到:

>Fontconfig has various problem regards Chinese. A hacker named Firefly
>has done his final patch to 2.2.3, which can be checked here:
>What is the attitude towards those patch?
>* fontconfig-2.2.3-add_extra_option-20041114.patch:
>   added an option to choose whether to use gamma correction. In current situation, Chinese characters are too bright.
>* fontconfig-2.2.3-alllang-20041114.patch
>   Some asian fonts include fonts more than one language family, i.e. ttc fonts
>* fontconfig-2.2.3-include_CJK_charmaps-20041114.patch
>   Extra big5 table.
>* fontconfig-2.2.3-multifamily_fakestyle-20041114.patch
>   Compute fake bold and italic style for families do not provide those styles.
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