[Fontconfig] Attitude to patches made by firefly

Xie Qian xieqian02 at iscas.cn
Mon Nov 15 22:33:13 EST 2004

Hi, there.

Nice to see these Chinese releted patches being filed. But I think rationality of modification need explaining in detail. I've checked the patches briefly, see my comments below. 

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> Hello,
> Fontconfig has various problem regards Chinese. A hacker named Firefly
> has done his final patch to 2.2.3, which can be checked here:
> http://firefly.idv.tw/setfont-xft/patches/fontconfig/2.2.3/
> What is the attitude towards those patch?
> * fontconfig-2.2.3-add_extra_option-20041114.patch:
>    added an option to choose whether to use gamma correction. In current situation, Chinese characters are too bright.

As changes is applied to FcBoolDefaults, doesn't this modification affect other font's rendering?

> * fontconfig-2.2.3-alllang-20041114.patch
>    Some asian fonts include fonts more than one language family, i.e. ttc fonts

Considering the Uni-Han problem, no CJK fonts can be acceptable in China mainland, Taiwan, Japan and Korea due to character shape diversity. Exclusive lang tag can be use to match most suitable CJK font. So this is a designed feature.

> * fontconfig-2.2.3-include_CJK_charmaps-20041114.patch
>    Extra big5 table.

I don't know the usage, nothing to comment.

> * fontconfig-2.2.3-multifamily_fakestyle-20041114.patch
>    Compute fake bold and italic style for families do not provide those styles.

I think this is absolutely needed.

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