[Fontconfig] synthetic emboldening - when?

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Nov 30 05:44:32 EST 2004

Around 18 o'clock on Nov 29, Jakub Pavelek wrote:

> I have tried that and it seems to work fine for my CJK fonts that don't
> have bold face. Changes need to be made to Freetype, Xft and Fontconfig.
> Patch for the CVS version of Fontconfig (2.2.96?) is attached.

That's great; thanks for giving this a try.  It seems like getting this 
built into FreeType by default will be the most difficult part of the 
problem, but getting Fontconfig and Xft support ready for that seems like 
a reasonable plan.

As to your specific fontconfig patch, the only necessary parts are the 
configuration file changes and the addition of the FC_EMBOLDEN constant to 
fontconfig.h.  All of the code changes are not needed as fontconfig will 
happily pass through the uninterpreted parts of the pattern to the font 

You'll note that FC_MATRIX, which is used for slanting fonts, is given no
special handling in the code, aside from an entry in fcname.c (which 
FC_EMBOLDEN should get).


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