[Fontconfig] synthetic emboldening - when?

Jakub Pavelek jakub.pavelek at nokia.com
Tue Nov 30 03:06:06 EST 2004

> > I take the silence as an indication that nothing is currently happening
> > in that area.
> Fontconfig isn't involved in rasterization at all.  FreeType has some 
> semi-experimental code for this operation; you might see if that works, 
> and if so, we could add suitable fontconfig options to take advantage of 
> it.
> -keith

Hi again,

I have tried that and it seems to work fine for my CJK fonts that don't
have bold face. Changes need to be made to Freetype, Xft and Fontconfig.
Patch for the CVS version of Fontconfig (2.2.96?) is attached.

The detection of bold/regular is not as generic as it should be, hope
forum can suggest something more elegant.

Also, we need to involve all three libs here, step by step. First
introduce the change Fontconfig (pattern checking and setting the
embolden flag), second change the makefiles for Freetype to link
emboldening code to the library and third, check the embolden flag in
Xft and call the embolden function when requested.

The performance of this is acceptable. The relative slowdown is related
to the rendered pixel size and goes from 50% at 12 pixels to 35% at 72
pixels. This is for Chinese characters, western characters perform
slightly better, but don't look good.



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