[Fontconfig] Localizing font family and style names

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Nov 30 13:43:42 EST 2004

Around 15 o'clock on Nov 29, Phil Race wrote:

> "Arial" doesn't happen to have localised family names
> (truetype name id 1) - although it could.
> But it does have localised style names (name id 2) and it does have
> localised full face names (name id 4).

I was trying to be careful to use 'name' to cover all instances of textual
data provided by the font and expected to be presented to the user, but I
admit to constant conflation between family name and 'name'.

I think the only difference may be that documents will more often encode 
family names than style names, but otherwise they're pretty much 

Oh, in the world of full face names, do you need to be able to match (not 
list, but match) fonts based on full name?  It seems likely, but I wanted 
to check as that may take some thought...


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