[Fontconfig] Localizing font family and style names

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Tue Nov 30 17:13:14 EST 2004

Keith Packard wrote:
> Around 15 o'clock on Nov 29, Phil Race wrote:
>>"Arial" doesn't happen to have localised family names
>>(truetype name id 1) - although it could.
>>But it does have localised style names (name id 2) and it does have
>>localised full face names (name id 4).
> I was trying to be careful to use 'name' to cover all instances of textual
> data provided by the font and expected to be presented to the user, but I
> admit to constant conflation between family name and 'name'.
> I think the only difference may be that documents will more often encode 
> family names than style names, but otherwise they're pretty much 
> equivalent.
> Oh, in the world of full face names, do you need to be able to match (not 
> list, but match) fonts based on full name?  It seems likely, but I wanted 
> to check as that may take some thought...

I have to say yes, since we have succumbed to the same blurring of what
a name is and are stuck with it. So we have to assume that what ever 
char*/string is given as the name maybe legitimate as one or the other 
and do our best to find it as both before trying anything else.


> -keith

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