[Fontconfig] vga font no-go

Kyle Rose krose+fontconfig at krose.org
Wed Sep 29 02:38:24 EST 2004

Attached is a (very small) VGA font that I have been using with xterm
nigh on forever.  It doesn't have any of that fancy-schmancy charset
or unicode BS, which I guess is why fontconfig is rejecting it: as far
as I can tell, it's simply a dump of the BIOS's VGA font bitmap in pcf

Nonetheless, I really, *really* want to use this with programs like
gnome-terminal and evolution that require their fonts come from
fontconfig.  Needless to say, I find the inability to use this and
like fonts (e.g., sabvga, vga11x19, ega, etc.) really irritating to
say the least.

Is there not anything that can be done to trivially allow fontconfig
to make use of these ancient fonts?  This is annoying enough to make
me want to downgrade to GTK 1.x, which should suggest the level of my
irritation.  Especially with the VGA font---something my eyes have
adjusted to being able to read quickly and effortlessly over the past
15 years---this is basically a requirement for my continued use of GTK


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