[Fontconfig] Font size depends on screen?

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Tue Apr 12 02:12:40 EST 2005

Marius Schaefer/Camberg/ISBAC wrote:
> Don't know whether this is the right list. I've got a strange problem. I'm
> running X.org to display some html files using mozilla running in

Exactly what HTML files? Tell us see we can see.

> fullscreen mode at 848x480. On some displays it looks very well, but on
> some (16/9 plasma) screens the fonts are displayed too big while other
> html elements (tables, ...) are correct. This looks quite bad.
> On a 17" crt screen the output is correct. On a 19" crt it's broken. I
> also tested a 17" 16/9 tft and two 16/9 plasma screens where the fonts
> were too big.
> The 19" crt and both plasma screens don't provide any ddc information,
> while the 17" tft and the 17" crt have ddc information. I also have
> 'Option "NoDDC"' in my xorg.conf to be able to set a resolution like
> 848x480 on all screens.

848X480 is a very low resolution, where you can't expect "good" unless
your definition of good is much worse than average.

Are you restarting X after each of these display switches? X can do some
adjusting when DDC is available on startup, but I doubt there's anything
it can do if you're just switching plugs from monitor to monitor or have
DDC disabled.
> I don't know what causes this problem, maybe someone can help me?

Some web pages are affected by DPI, in which case the following can
help: http://www.mozilla.org/unix/dpi.html
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