[Fontconfig] My strange font problem

John Smith mimsyboro at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 04:18:19 EST 2005

I have a very strange font problem. I don't know if this is the right
place to ask but I'm going nuts.

I have a triple-booting Windows/Mandrake/Ubuntu laptop.
I do most of my work in Linux in Hebrew using emacs-bidi.
Under Mandrake I installed my fonts from windows especially
Courier-New because it one of the only good unicode fonts with full
Hebrew support.

I then installed them under Ubuntu and everything was fine untill I
tried installing the msttcorefonts package around this time I also
upgraded to X.org from XFree86-4 I don't know if this is related. Once
installing this using Courier-New in emacs in Ubuntu looks really

I didn't really understand what happened so I uninstalled the package
and all rememnants of the font and then reinstalled, but to no avail.

So when a new Ubuntu was released (last week), I formated the old
Ubuntu partition and reinstalled and then installed the Courier-New
font from my Windows partition.

But alas the font still looks terrible in English and in Hebrew not
only is it terrible there is a double spacing between Hebrew lines in
that font.

Please help me I'm desperate....

Thanks In Advance,

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