[Fontconfig] Reg. fontconfig and adding a new font for Greek

Konstantinos Margaritis markos at debian.org
Sun Aug 14 05:18:43 EST 2005

(Resending to the list on Keith's request)

  I haven't sent this as a bug report because I'm not sure yet how to 
do it. But here is the situation. I understand that fontconfig 
manages the prefered font list for X, or pango or some font rendering 
engine for that matter, I'm not really into the specifics. In general 
this works fine, but we have a problem with greek locale el_GR, or 
rather the display of greek glyphs. 

Unless I create a local.conf file that overrides the serif/sans-serif 
families with the MgOpen (package ttf-mgopen) or the FreeSans 
(ttf-freefont) fonts or any other font supporting greek glyphs), the 
greek glyphs don't appear at all, only squares. 

I'd gladly send a patch, if I knew a bit more about how it works. Is 
it just a case of adding FreeSans/FreeSerif and the MgOpen* fonts in 
the fonts.conf? If so, FreeSans/FreeSerif is already there, but 
apparently another font takes precedense and erroneously reports of 
supporting greek glyphs, while it can't. I'll try to play around with 
the priority in this, but if you know another way, then I'd be 
interested in knowing about it.


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