[Fontconfig] patch: fallback to POSIX if LC_CTYPE is the empty string "".

Mike FABIAN mfabian at suse.de
Wed Aug 17 02:02:05 EST 2005

A SuSE user recently reported a bug that icewm didn't show any fonts.

It turned out to be user error, he had set LANG="" (and no
other locale specific environment variables).

When the effective value of LC_CTYPE is the empty string, fontconfig
currently matches apparently random and it may happen that a symbol
font or some other font completely unsuitable for displaying even
English is matched.

This happens only when LC_CTYPE is the empty string, for all other
values, even nonsensical ones, fontconfig falls back to English:

    mfabian at shannon:~$ LC_CTYPE="" fc-match sans
    SY______.PFB: "Symbol" "Regular"
    mfabian at shannon:~$ LC_CTYPE="fff" fc-match sans
    verdana.ttf: "Verdana" "Regular"
    mfabian at shannon:~$ LC_CTYPE="POSIX" fc-match sans
    verdana.ttf: "Verdana" "Regular"
    mfabian at shannon:~$

Although setting LC_CTYPE="" is not a valid setting in my opinion, I
think fontconfig should fall back to matching an English font in that
case, just as it does for all the other invalid settings of LC_CTYPE.

Patch attached.

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