[Fontconfig] Towards a 2.4 release

Zhe Su james.su at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 22:12:25 PST 2005

   I have new feature request: Is it possible to let fontconfig load
different configuration according to the current system locale
setting? Because users of different languages tend to use different
set of fonts and settings. For an internationalized system, it'll be
best if the font settings can be adjusted automatically according to
the system default language. It's rather difficult meet all users
requirement by one set of font settings.
  I'll look into this issue, and try to implement it as soon as
possible. I just want to know: 1. Whether it's already supported or
not.  2. Is it possible to add such feature into 2.4 release?

James Su

On 12/21/05, Patrick Lam <plam at mit.edu> wrote:
> Phil Race wrote:
> > The mmap cache removed all but one usage of "fopen" from the source.
> >
> > grep fopen *c
> > fcxml.c:    f = fopen ((char *) filename, "r");
> >
> > On 32 bit solaris an unsigned char is used for the file descriptor
> > in stdio routines and I gather (ancient solaris bug 1085341) that
> > fixing this would require an ABI change and it couldn't be done.
> > I wonder if it would be possible to get rid of that too and replace it
> > with "open"
> > at least perhaps in an #ifdef for 32 bit Solaris.
> There's no need to use fopen there.  I've replaced it with open and will
> commit momentarily.
> pat
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