[Fontconfig] Font configuration - Debian Sarge.

Ambrose Li acli at ada.dhs.org
Thu Feb 17 14:39:02 EST 2005

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 09:25:32PM -0500, cga wrote:
> Ambrose Li wrote:
> >I share the same feelings.  It took me *days* 
> >
> you must've cheated.. like working full-time.. round-the clock.. or 
> something..

Yes, I cheated, sort of.  Someone helped me out of my puzzlement
on an IRC channel; if I had not been helped (by telling me my
fontconfig installation is broken, so to say), I would have spent
considerably more time figuring out what went wrong. And I worked
round-the-clock too, sort of.

> It's already taken me *weeks* and I'm far from done.. :-)

I'm still wondering how to properly make fontconfig do the right
thing w.r.t. Chinese fonts, esp. "sans serif" fonts, or mixing fonts
from different scripts. It seems that it likes to either use a "kai"
font (which really is italic roman, not sans serif, according to
Western typography rules) or a Japanese/Korean font for sans serif.
I currently hard-code font names into .gtkrc-2.0, which works, but
doesn't do the right thing when I have a bunch of stuff together that
is a mix of simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Japanese (say).

How to combine Chinese + English fonts is also still a mystery to
me (in that I have figured out how to do it but cannot understand
why it has to be done that way...)

So I guess I'm also "far from done", only that I have already given
up, since it's good enough for everyday use :-)

Best regards,
Ambrose LI Cheuk-Wing  <a.c.li at ieee.org>


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