[Fontconfig] Font configuration - Debian Sarge.

John Thacker thacker at math.cornell.edu
Thu Feb 17 14:48:24 EST 2005

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 10:39:02PM -0500, Ambrose Li wrote:
> I'm still wondering how to properly make fontconfig do the right
> thing w.r.t. Chinese fonts, esp. "sans serif" fonts, or mixing fonts
> from different scripts. It seems that it likes to either use a "kai"
> font (which really is italic roman, not sans serif, according to
> Western typography rules) or a Japanese/Korean font for sans serif.
> I currently hard-code font names into .gtkrc-2.0, which works, but
> doesn't do the right thing when I have a bunch of stuff together that
> is a mix of simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Japanese (say).

Well, /etc/fonts/fonts.conf defaults to using a Kai font for sans-serif.
However, RedHat patches their packages to prefer using Sung-ti and Ming-ti
fonts for sans-serif, and never use Kai-ti.

It all depends on what's set for your preferred aliases there.

<shrug> Perhaps Owen Taylor's patches for the default fonts.config
should be considered for the main tree, especially if Kaiti is so

Of course, a document that's a mix of Chinese scripts and Japanese is
always going to be tricky if the document doesn't have clear language
tags in any way.  Especially since many Japanese users prefer using
Japanese fonts and scripts for Chinese, due to different character

John Thacker
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