[Fontconfig] Still Baffled

cga cga2001 at softhome.net
Fri Feb 18 13:37:12 EST 2005

John Lowell wrote:

> I must confess, after having written here earlier and not having 
> gotten a reply and having done much additional research since without 
> making much headway, I remain baffled respecting different font 
> behavior using fontconfig in two distros. Let me restate the problem, 
> perhaps someone can provide light at this point.
> I'm trying to understand why it is that using Gentoo and 
> gtk-theme-switch (which relies on fontconfig to change fonts and 
> themes in various applications) I'm offered a different font selection 
> than that offered in Debian or Arch using the very same program. 
> Configuring /etc/fonts/local.conf to identify a special font directory 
> in each case (/usr/local/share/fonts in Debian and /usr/share/fonts in 
> Gentoo and Arch) and copying identical font directories from 
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts into these directories, gtk-theme-switch 
> offers entirely different font interpretations in each case. For 
> example, lucida regular is shown in gtk-theme-switch as an option in 
> Debian but when it's selected, lucida semi-bold is the one actually 
> offered. With Gentoo, the same selection yields lucida regular, medium 
> weight. Why would it be that there is a difference here? One would 
> think that lucida regular means lucida regular. I'd really appreciate 
> some help with this question. I mean if I can't get it here, where can 
> help be obtained?
> John Lowell 

could this have anything to do with defoma?

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