[Fontconfig] Still Baffled

John Lowell johnlowell at ameritech.net
Fri Feb 18 13:52:15 EST 2005

On 02/17/05 21:37:12, cga wrote:

> could this have anything to do with defoma?

Thanks for the reply, cga. You know, I'd believe that if Debian were  
the only constant producing the difference with Gentoo, but Arch does  
as well. I can transfer the entire lucida portion of the 100dpi font  
directory in Gentoo over to Arch, update the cache, copy these fonts  
over to /usr/share/fonts and amend /etc/fonts/fonts.conf in Arch to  
show <dir>/usr/share/fonts</dir> at the right place and still  
experience this difference. It's maddening. My only thought has been to  
identify some difference in the /etc/fonts/font.conf in these distros  
but there isn't even a reference to lucida in any of them. This  
difference has to be accounted for somehow, but how?


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