[Fontconfig] Screen resolutions

David Gómez david at pleyades.net
Sat Feb 26 05:30:40 EST 2005

Hi all ;),

On Feb 25 at 11:28:12, David Gómez wrote:
> Hi John ;),
> On Feb 24 at 07:16:16, John Thacker wrote:
> > He said that the TFT box was using Fedora, correct?  I'm certain
> > that the bytecode interpreter is disabled on Fedora due to concerns
> > about Apple's patent and patent claims on it. 
> Yes, but i thought that it was also disabled in the freetype package
> for Debian..., that's why i didn't think about that.

Well, i finally downloaded and recompiled Freetype (2.1.7, because 2.1.8
and 2.1.9 failed at the linking step) with the Bytecode interpreted enabled,
and certainly makes a difference ;). The auto hinter in the library is
visibly not as good as the bytecode interpreter.

Thanks to all that helped me with this problem and pointed me to the right
solution :). I had spent several days trying to fix this problem with no
results, and would have lost several more if it wasn't for your help ;)


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