[Fontconfig] Screen resolutions

David Gómez david at pleyades.net
Fri Feb 25 21:28:12 EST 2005

Hi John ;),

On Feb 24 at 07:16:16, John Thacker wrote:
> He said that the TFT box was using Fedora, correct?  I'm certain
> that the bytecode interpreter is disabled on Fedora due to concerns
> about Apple's patent and patent claims on it. 

Yes, but i thought that it was also disabled in the freetype package
for Debian..., that's why i didn't think about that.

> rebuild the RPM to turn on the bytecode interpreter if you want;
> set a variable at the top of the specfile from 1 to 0 as instructed.
> See here, for example:
> http://cvs.fedora.redhat.com/viewcvs/devel/freetype/freetype.spec?rev=1.17&view=markup

Thanks for the links ;). I'll rebuild the rpm with the bytecode interpreted
enabled, just to see what results i get in the rendering.

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