[Fontconfig] GNOME and 7x14 fixed font

Albert Bachmann albert.bachmann at gmx.de
Wed Mar 2 02:49:07 EST 2005

I use Gentoo Linux with GNOME-2.8.1 and I am unable to get a 7x14 fixed font 
selected in GNOME's font selection panel. The family "Fixed" is available but 
for some sizes foundry "Misc" is choosen, for others it's a "Sony" -- at 
least that's how it looks. KDE differentiates between "Fixed [Misc]" and 
"Fixed [Sony]" but I don't know why. Can anybody please tell me what am I 
supposed to do to get my 7x14 fixed font (Misc) in GNOME. Thanks in advance!

- Albert

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