[Fontconfig] Fontconfig 2.3.0 release

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Mar 2 08:24:50 EST 2005

Fontconfig version 2.3 represents an incremental refinement from the 2.2
series. Incorporating changes from a diverse group of people, it provides
functionality necessary for better language support, improved CJK layout
support and a few performance improvements.

Bits are available in the usual place:


md5 sums for the package and the changes since 2.2.99 are:

	797905a1432a82d4204aaaed3c7176e0  ChangeLog-2.3.0
	a4dea0b513c5d4f88bbf0e78099dbaba  fontconfig-2.3.0.tar.gz

Major changes from the 2.2 series:

    * Support for current Freetype versions
    * Multi-lingual family/style/fullname values with parallel language
      tags to enable locale-sensitive presentation of these names.
    * Font black- and white-listing in the configuration file enables users
      to select their desired font attributes without having to carefully 
      construct the font directory list.
    * Support for local configuration directory provides a place for system
      distributors and administrators to make local changes to the font 
      configuration without having to edit any configuration files.

Thanks are due to all of the people who provided suggestions, code and bug
reports that made this release possible.

Keith Packard

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