[Fontconfig] mmaping FcInit

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Mar 23 03:51:54 EST 2005

Around 1 o'clock on Mar 22, Patrick Lam wrote:

> Seems like a good thing to work on after I have an initial version with 
> the mmapable config.  I think someone's recently added some hashing, too.

Without a specification for how matching and sorting can work without 
looking at every font, there's little point in starting to work on an 
mmap'able data structure.

In fact, I suspect that to get reasonable performance, we will have to add 
a new API that allows for incremental sorting where you don't receive all 
of the fonts at once but rather need to ask for the 'next' font in line.

I'd rather change the cache file format only once; it's an expensive 
operation to consider as we will have old versions on disk for some time 
after any switch.

So, first we need a specification for font matching which doesn't require 
examining each font, then some idea of how to extend that into a sorting 

Looking at the CSS2 specification and matching that more closely may 
actually permit some of these optimizations.


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