[Fontconfig] blacklisting doesn't work

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Sat Oct 22 10:02:14 EST 2005

Matthias Clasen wrote:
> So, I tried to figure out why my fc-list output includes the Hershey
> fonts, even though 40-blacklist-fonts.conf is included and read. 
> First I figured out that the glob patterns in
> the /etc/fonts/conf.d/40-blacklist-fonts.conf file we ship don't have
> any effect, since fontconfig does not actually apply globs
> to individual fonts. The globs in <rejectfont> are only applied to
> directories, and the patterns in <rejectfont> are what is applied to
> the individual fonts. So I tried to change the blacklist to a series 
> of patterns like

I've committed a patch which makes fc-list print unescaped fonts.

> Anyway, after stripping the escapes out of the patterns, the
> Hershey fonts still would not vanish. I finally came to the 
> conclusion that something like the patch below will be necessary
> to make blacklisting work again.

It seems to work for me without the patch... could you check again?  In

        <patelt name="family">

on CVS HEAD (and indeed, 2.3.90, which is what was installed on a test
computer) causes Hershey-Gothic-English to not show up in fc-list.


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