[Fontconfig] blacklisting doesn't work

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Sat Oct 22 11:27:13 EST 2005

Keith Packard wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-10-21 at 20:18 -0400, Patrick Lam wrote:
>>I guess caches should be invalid if the configuration is newer than the
>>cache.  Looks like I'll have to cook up a patch to do that, or to put
>>all fonts in the cache and filter later.  fc-cache puts all fonts in the
>>cache, but this is not true of the global cache.  Suggestions?
> The goal was to make the caches independent of the configuration so that
> changes in the configuration wouldn't affect cache validity. Otherwise,
> we'd have a nightmare on our hands.
> Can we do this?

I think that I can make fontconfig load all fonts to put them in the
global cache.  But maybe it's not such a disaster to have the *global*
cache be dependent on the config files; it might beat the alternative,
which is to load all fonts into memory and then filter through
FcConfigAcceptFont afterwards on each run.

Per-directory caches are always independent of the configuration.


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