[Fontconfig] robustness of the mmap cache branch

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 9 22:29:57 EST 2005

James Cloos wrote:
> Incidently, it would be useful to have a program that can read in a
> specified fonts.cache-2 (ui a la cat(1)'s ui) and print the equivalent
> fonts.cache-1.  
> The easiest way, currently, to determine the name needed to get a font
> known by filename is to grep for the filename in fonts.cache-1; it'd
> be a shame to loose that.
> I'll look into how hard that'll be to write, but if you can whip it up
> w/o thinking please do so. :-)

Doesn't `fc-list : file family' do what you want?

The fonts.cache-2 file doesn't quite contain all of the information in
the fonts.cache-1 file (I don't think I have file times), but I could
generate most of the information there, if you think it would be useful.


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