[Fontconfig] Multi-arch cache files

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Thu Sep 29 15:17:14 EST 2005

Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Ok, I have finally gotten around to compile the mmap branch on x86_64,
> and tried to see how caches work across platforms. I copied 
> /usr/share/fonts/bitstream-vera/fonts.cache-2 from i386 over, and ran
> fc-cache -f /usr/share/fonts/bitstream-vera/fonts.cache-2
> It did in fact update the fonts.cache-2 file, but the result did only
> have one section for x86_64, the i386 section was gone. Am I missing
> something ? How am I supposed to create a multi-platform fonts.cache-2
> file ?

I take it you were using the branch code, not 2.3.90.  I introduced a
bug into the branch while introducing atomic updates to cache files.
I've now fixed this bug; let me know if it works now.


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