[Fontconfig] RE: Specifying location of fontfiles in fonts.conf file.

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 12 06:38:12 PDT 2006

Rupa Kamoji wrote:

> Configuration of my linux system is as below:
> XFree86 : 4.5.0 (latest version).
> OS: Redhat 7.1
> When I installed XFree86 : 4.5.0, fontconfig, freetype and xft all were
> installed by XFree86 only. Where should I keep fontconfig source code?
> How can I make freetype and other required libs/includes available to
> fontconfig?

XFree86 4.5.0 is far from being the latest version; it was released in 
March 2005.  And you're using an ancient fontconfig and RedHat version. 
  But anyway, you have to install the freetype-devel package:



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