[Fontconfig] FcFontMatch oddities

Roman Shaposhnick rvs at sun.com
Tue Apr 18 10:49:35 PDT 2006


after spending an entire afternoon reading source for fontconfig and Xft
and doing some experimenting it seems that I really need some help with
understanding what seems to be an explicit design decision.

The question is quite simple -- it seems that quite explicitly fontconfig
doesn't let a client application request an exact set of properties for
a font and how this font is supposed to be rendered. Basically, even though,
I can do something like:

   $ xterm -fa 'mono:bgr'

and even though at a pattern level ':bgr' gets recognized and passes upstream,
when it comes to 'FcFontMatch' everything that has to do with the rendering
gets stripped.

So the question is -- why not let client tell the library *everything* why
limit the choice to 'font-lookup' properties only ?

Thanks in advance,

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