[Fontconfig] Sigh. What to do about per-user fonts...

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 27 17:44:16 PDT 2006

Keith Packard wrote:
> So, I whacked fontconfig to no longer support saving cache files
> directly in the font directory. However, this means that users cannot
> have per-dir cache files unless they can write to the global cache
> directory.

I knew we forgot a case...

> I suggest that the correct fix for this is to replace the single cache
> directory with a path that can include a home-relative directory. I'm
> not sure what the default should be; I'd like to stick it in ~/.fonts,
> but I'm concerned that this would cause extra scanning to happen after
> the cache is built.

So, let's see.  Of course ~/.fonts needs to be first in the path so that
stale cache files don't kill you.  Actually this makes this a bit messy,
I guess, but perhaps not too bad.

Initially: user fonts are in ~/.fonts.
1. no caches.  fc-cache creates cache files for ~/.fonts and puts them
in ~/.fonts
2. ok, now there are caches.  but ~/.fonts is newer than the cache file.
 recreate caches.
3. repeat

Is that what you're worried about?  Well, if we had ~/.fonts/cache that
ought to take care of the above situation...


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