[Fontconfig] Re: Status about fontconfig CVS regarding cache handling

Frederic Crozat fcrozat at mandriva.com
Mon Feb 20 02:18:55 PST 2006

Le samedi 18 février 2006 à 13:23 -0500, Patrick Lam a écrit :
> Mike FABIAN wrote:
> > is true and it returns with FcFalse;
> I've fixed the underlying problem which gets triggered by this too.

Ok, I can confirm that the crash is fixed.

The cache being always updated by fc-cache if old version (but with
correct magic) in present in the font directory is still there but I'm
not sure we can fix it with something more than --really-force (which is
fixing the issue). WDYT ?

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat at mandriva.com>

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