[Fontconfig] libXft Bug (was: Finding font filename)

Mike FABIAN mfabian at suse.de
Tue Jan 3 06:29:47 PST 2006

Mike FABIAN <mfabian at suse.de> さんは書きました:

> I'm trying to find the reason for a crash in fontconfig triggered
> by rxvt-unicode. I couldn't yet understand it but I have the suspicion
> that it is related to the introduction of "__DUMMY__". I found
> that this "__DUMMY__" is inserted into the pattern by fontconfig
> when the pattern is expanded:
> (gdb) p FcNameUnparse(new)
> $11 = (
>     FcChar8 *) 0x69a080 "Courier:maxglyphmemory=1048576:\\_\\_DUMMY\\_\\_=1048576:style=Regular:slant=0:weight=80:width=100:pixelsize=13:spacing=100:foundry=ibm:antialias=True:hintstyle=3:hinting=True:verticallayout=False:autohint=False:globaladvance=True:index=0:outline=True:scalable=True:dpi=112.059:rgba=5:scale=1:minspace=True:charset=  |>^1!|>^1!P0oWQ |>]![|>^1!|>^1!!!!%#|75TI|>[LD|>V<gOq6Yc!!K?&  !%J<G!!!)$      9;*f! !!!.%    !C3c.!(CUL!!!#& !!#0GML3F5B^T5s!!!!5tUGTV    !!#3H !!!!nMW<gJ !%A5F!%J<G  !!#6Ih~y(E(1+k7!!!%#!!!!Z    !!#AL(P9Wa(2oHj|>T)!!!#0F !!!!#  !!#DM  !!!!(!!!LG    !!+fv       !!!%(!!+u{!!!!F       :lang=aa|ast|ay|bi|br|ca|ch|cs|da|et|eu|fj|fo|fur|fy|gd|gl|gv|ho|hu|ia|id|ie|io|is|kl|lb|mg|mt|nb|nds|nn|no|oc|om|pl|rm|sk|sma|smj|so|sq|sv|sw|tn|tr|ts|vo|wa|wen|wo|xh|yap|zu:fontversion=0:fontformat=Type 1:embolden=False:embeddedbitmap=False"
> (gdb) 

Dirk Müller <dmueller at suse.de> and me found the reason why
this strange __DUMMY__ was inserted into the pattern. It is
a problem in libXft. For details see


Comment #2 of this bug report contains a patch for libXft to fix
the problem:


Mike FABIAN   <mfabian at suse.de>   http://www.suse.de/~mfabian

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