[Fontconfig] Problem with bitmap fonts

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Tue Feb 3 12:50:52 PST 2009

Pat Suwalski wrote:
> A little off-topic, but it would be great if the GTK font dialog only
> listed real fonts in real sizes. I'm sure that when I'm in "user mode"
> I'm not the only one who finds it confusing that something three or four
> fonts look exactly the same (and they are, it's how fontconfig maps them
> to multiple aliases). This is great for the computer coming up with
> substitutes, but it's bad for users.

We should fix that by choosing a better sample string.  I've added all the
needed info in Pango, and drafted a spec about how to choose the sample
string.  Someone need to go ahead and implement that (hint hint).  In the mean
time, turning fallback off in the font dialog certainly helps.


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