[Fontconfig] Arial Black font issue

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Wed Feb 4 01:42:26 PST 2009

Le Mer 4 février 2009 10:13, Nicolae Ghimbovschi a écrit :

> My question is, why version 2.3.2 sees ariblk.ttf as Arial Black and
> 2.6.0 as Arial, Arial Black.
> In a way the Arial Black is being shadowed by Arial.
> Is there a way to this this ?

Arial Black is the "Black" weight in the Arial family. So modern
fontconfig is right to file it under Arial.

The change you see is that in the past, fontconfig only exposed legacy
metadata (as in, the only valid faces are regular/bold/bold
italic/italic) while now it has been updated to show modern metadata
(where many more font faces can exist and you don't need to kludge
them in the font name).

This is just keeping up with OpenType standards.

Nicolas Mailhot

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