[Fontconfig] found reason for `NONE'

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Sat Jan 17 00:00:07 PST 2009

[I've reported this in the fontconfig bugzilla also.]

This very line in configure.in is the problem:

  fc_cachedir=`eval echo "${localstatedir}/cache/"${PACKAGE}`

In the `configure' script created with autoconf 2.63 (and probably
other versions too), if the `--prefix' command line option is not
given, the value of `$localstatedir' is not correctly expanded yet;
`$prefix' is still `NONE'.  This leads to compilation commands like

  ../doltcompile gcc \
    ... \
    -DFC_CACHEDIR='"NONE/var/cache/fontconfig"' \

and to 


in /usr/local/etc/fonts/fonts.conf.

Until this has been fixed in the sources, a simple workaround is to
always call configure's `--prefix' option.


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