[Fontconfig] Marking glyphs as deliberately blank, per font

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Sun Nov 29 14:06:46 PST 2009


Anyway since I need to explain this stuff all the time to new font
packagers I've written a clean fontconfig presentation support


I'd appreciate if people on this list could check it for accuracy and
verify if there are no obvious holes in the fontconfig pseudo-syntax
used in the use case examples 

Also, I'd appreciate if people that know fontconfig innards could
provide the cleanest safe way to do the same thing as the pseudo-syntax
examples. I gleaned some patterns right and left over time, but if I
have to discuss CJK with Qianqian Fang, I'd rather start from something
more authoritative.

The use case examples are not random, they correspond to actual needs we
had to tackle in the Fedora Fonts SIG since it was created two years ago
(astute readers will recognize the Droid use case).


Nicolas Mailhot
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