[Fontconfig] What metric does fontconfig use to select a font

Cyker Way cykerway at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 01:16:23 PDT 2011

I just got messed up with so many <prefer>s and <accept>s. And it seems the
first font in the list after all <prefer>/<accept>/<default> have been
applied needn't have to be the finally selected one. If the order in the
list doesn't count, why make that list?

And how does the strong/weak binding affects the selection?

What's the logic of this font-choosing algorithm?

And what should I do to make sure one specific font will certainly be chosen
when executing, say, 'fc-match sans'?

I've read the man page but still didn't quite understand it. Thanks.


Cyker Way
E-mail: cykerway at gmail.com
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