[Fontconfig] What metric does fontconfig use to select a font

Cyker Way cykerway at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 03:29:23 PDT 2011

Hmm, it seems ~/.fonts.conf will be the first processed configurations. So
this solution should work. Thanks.

BTW, how does fontconfig sort the precedence of fonts according to the
application request? If this question is not fully answered, maybe other
problems will arise in the future. Do you have any idea on that?

2011/9/5 Raimund Steger <rs at mytum.de>

> Hi,
> > And what should I do to make sure one specific font will certainly be
> > chosen
> > when executing, say, 'fc-match sans'?
> maybe something like the following example in ~/.fonts.conf could work:
>  <match target="pattern">
>    <test name="family" qual="all"><string>sans-serif</string></test>
>    <edit mode="assign_replace" name="family">
>      <string>Helvetica</string>
>    </edit>
>    <edit mode="assign_replace" name="foundry">
>      <string>Adobe</string>
>    </edit>
>  </match>
> But I'm not sure if this is a good idea, since the font you choose might
> only be suitable for a limited range of character sets. Maybe that could
> be sorted out by adding additional "lang" tests...
> Raimund
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