[Fontconfig] FreeType now includes Infinality subpixel support

Infinality infinality at infinality.net
Wed Jun 20 17:13:33 PDT 2012

Interesting....  I was aware that "Font Smoothing" in Windows 95/98 
would do native TT hinting and AA (at least on bold fonts), but I wasn't 
aware it was even possible to do that on any Windows afterwards.   (And 
in fact I thought everyone had forgotten about it.  ;)  )

On 06/20/2012 05:33 PM, Raimund Steger wrote:
> Hi,
> Infinality wrote:
>> [...]
>> The choices you get in Windows (as far as I know) are to have Cleartype
>> on or off. In fontconfig this would correspond to the below
> Windows has another option that disables AA for those erroneous cases 
> that you mentioned (mostly, the MS Web Fonts at low pixel sizes), and 
> uses grid-aligned grayscale AA otherwise, but no ClearType. This used 
> to be the only AA setting before ClearType was introduced (up until 
> Windows 2000), and it is still supported at least in Windows 7, 
> although some newer Microsoft applications ignore it. It's what I use 
> and have also configured in fontconfig, with the slight alteration 
> that I don't use grid alignment.
> (But since it will likely still be possible to use such a 
> configuration, I see no issue whatsoever.)
> Raimund

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