[Fontconfig] FreeType now includes Infinality subpixel support

Raimund Steger rs at mytum.de
Wed Jun 20 15:33:56 PDT 2012


Infinality wrote:
> [...]
> The choices you get in Windows (as far as I know) are to have Cleartype
> on or off. In fontconfig this would correspond to the below

Windows has another option that disables AA for those erroneous cases 
that you mentioned (mostly, the MS Web Fonts at low pixel sizes), and 
uses grid-aligned grayscale AA otherwise, but no ClearType. This used to 
be the only AA setting before ClearType was introduced (up until Windows 
2000), and it is still supported at least in Windows 7, although some 
newer Microsoft applications ignore it. It's what I use and have also 
configured in fontconfig, with the slight alteration that I don't use 
grid alignment.
(But since it will likely still be possible to use such a configuration, 
I see no issue whatsoever.)


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