[Fontconfig] Request for implementing font substitution for CJK fonts

suzuki toshiya mpsuzuki at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Wed May 30 21:33:52 PDT 2012


It's good to find the comments from (Simplified) Chinese user about the typeface classification.
Because of the limitations of the variety of typeface in free software society,
the discussion of the font fallback among Kai, Fangsong and other aesthetic-oriented typefaces
(Li, Wei, etc) would be required.

I will post something about existing conventions in Japanese typeface classification in next week
(sorry for my long long latency to Tagoh-san).


BlissSam wrote:
> Hello fontconfig, I am a Simplified Chinese user, and I want font substitution for CJK fonts to be implemented.
> Most Chinese fonts are mainly divided into four styles:
>   1. Song (Pronounced `soon'), serif, also called `Ming' in Taiwan and Hong Kong, `Mincho' in Japan, `Batang' in Korea)
>   2. Hei, sans-serif, also called `Meiryo' in Japan, `Dotum' in Korea
>   3. Kai, brush handwriting style, likely to be serif
>   4. FangSong, likely to be sans-serif
>   5. Others such as Li, Wei, etc, is not discussed here.
> I have sorted these fonts according to my preference, however, I do not know a lot about what fonts users in TW, HK, JP, or KR prefer.
> Hei:
>   WenQuanYi Micro Hei (Free font)
>   WenQuanYi Zen Hei   (Free font)
>   Hiragino Sans GB    (Used in OS X Lion as default)
>   Microsoft Yahei     (Used in Windows Vista and above as default)
>   STHeiTi             (Used in iOS as default, in OS X and in Windows)
>   SimHei              (Used in Windows)
>   Droid Sans Fallback (Used in Android as default)
> Song:
>   STSong         (Used in OS X and in Windows)
>   SimSun         (Used in Windows)
>   AR PL UMing CN (Free font, this is the worst choice because Arphic's CN fonts are in TW style although it is marked `CN')
> Kai:
>   STKaiti       (Used in OS X and in Windows)
>   KaiTi         (Used in Windows Vista and above)
>   KaiTi_GB2312  (Used in Windows XP and below)
>   AR PL UKai CN (Free font)
> FangSong:
>   STFangsong      (Used in OS X and in Windows)
>   FangSong        (Used in Windows Vista and above)
>   FangSong_GB2312 (Used in Windows XP and below)
> What I want to be implemented is, when one of the fonts is missing, fontconfig will search for others for substitution.
> For example, if a document requires SimHei which is not installed currently, fontconfig may use WenQuanYi Micro Hei instead. And if Micro Hei is missing either, Zen Hei will be used.
> Sincerely yours. 
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