[Fontconfig] Problems cross compiling fontconfig-2.11.0 using the PS3 Toolchain

Nacho Man nacho2874 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 12 23:37:48 PST 2013

Hello.  I am working on updating some the EFL libraries for the PS3.  One of the libraries that it needs is fontconfig.  It was using 2.8.0.  I'm having troubles with the 2.11.0 version though.  There is no readlink or symlink functions for the toolchain.  What is the purpose of the symlink function call in FcParseInclude() section of src/fcxml.c and the readlink function in the FcGetPrgname section of src/fcxml.c?  Is there anyway around me using them?   Are they completely necessary?  Can I hard code a value in for the FcGetPrgname and do away with the symlink stuff all together?  I could just add something to the #ifndef _WIN32 like #ifndef _WIN32 && __llv2ppu__.  I just want to make sure it won't break anything.   Thank you.
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