[Fontconfig] New Font Attributes

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at wayland.id.au
Wed Jul 3 04:27:48 PDT 2013

 	Hi all.  I've run into the common problem of too many fonts, and not 
enough stuff to help me filter through them.  While I intend to work on this 
problem at a higher level (starting mid-2014, I hope), I saw that fontconfig 
might, with a few extra attributes, be able to help with this.

 	While I was thinking about this, I also had a look at the Truetype 
spec, which also has more attributes than FontConfig does (I'm assuming that 
the fonts-conf manpage is up-to-date).  Thus I thought it might be time to 
canvass the list and see whether there are other attributes which need to be 

 	I'm proposing that we add attributes in two groups.  Those 
which help with font categorisation are:
alphabetic: alphabetic or glyphic(?) (ie. dingbats, frames, the like)
lettershape: what the general letter shape is (ie. Roman, Blackletter, Uncial,
 	etc, etc)
strokeends: various types of stroke endings on serif and sans-serif fonts;
 	this will be a generalisation, since different strokes have different

 	I'd also like to borrow some of the truetype ones for designer, 
copyright, etc, etc.

 	I have a slightly more detailed proposal in an ODT document.

 	Now for my questions:
1.	Is this something that is appropriate for fontconfig?
2.	Should I send my ODT document or something?

 	That's enough from me this time around, I think.  Let me know if there 
are any questions.


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