[Fontconfig] Problem with Inkscape

jmpalavas jmpalavas at free.fr
Fri Apr 10 06:41:48 PDT 2015

Hello all,

When running inkscape from IIS (not from a command line) the font seems 
not to be found.
No text are generated in the image file.

When debugging Inkscape process, it seems that it is trying to access to 
"WINDOWSFONTDIR" which does not exists.
This name seems to be hardcoded in libfontconfig-1.dll

Indeed, if we edit the dll with binary editor and change WINDOWSFONTDIR 
witn /Windows/Fonts, we get some text in the image.

Is there a bug in fontconfig ? Could someone explain how this 
WINDOWSFONTDIRstuff is supposed to work.


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