[Fontconfig] Problem with Inkscape

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Fri Apr 10 08:48:48 PDT 2015

On 10.04.2015 16:41, jmpalavas wrote:
> When running inkscape from IIS (not from a command line) the font seems 
> not to be found.
> No text are generated in the image file.
> When debugging Inkscape process, it seems that it is trying to access to 
> "WINDOWSFONTDIR" which does not exists.
> This name seems to be hardcoded in libfontconfig-1.dll
> Indeed, if we edit the dll with binary editor and change WINDOWSFONTDIR 
> witn /Windows/Fonts, we get some text in the image.
> Is there a bug in fontconfig ? Could someone explain how this 
> WINDOWSFONTDIRstuff is supposed to work.

Internally fontconfig knows that "WINDOWSFONTDIR" has special meaning and
replaces it with the path to Windows fonts directory. It could be that you hit
a codepath where this replacement is not done.

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