[Fontconfig] performance issue questions

L. A. Walsh fonts at tlinx.org
Tue Nov 29 05:22:18 UTC 2016

Akira TAGOH wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 8:40 AM, L. A. Walsh <fonts at tlinx.org 
> <mailto:fonts at tlinx.org>> wrote:
>     Keith Packard wrote:
>         We might as well just stop attempting to automatically manage
>         the caches
>         and require that users run fc-cache manually whenever they
>         change the
>         set of installed fonts. That would push the whole problem out of
>         fontconfig and onto the user or distribution...
>     ---
>        That would be preferable, since the user might want to install
>     100 fonts and then build a cache rather than have it rebuilt with
>     each font installed.
> That said you are facing this issue because you didn't do that.
    I didn't install any fonts.

    I ran a prog to look for duplicates and link them if
it found any.

    So reality is "nothing changed", but it regenerated the
cache anyway.

> once we stop attempting to automatically creating/updating/removing 
> caches, you'll see another problem, "hey, no fonts is available" ;)
    Why doesn't windows have this problem?  At worse, they have to
reboot, but usually, added fonts are available immediately.

> Thinking of seeing such issues many times, I'm wondering if leaving 
> the cache creation to the users would be really a good idea.
Great -- yeah, never give users control of their computers -- treat
them all like children.  If your prog didn't take so long to process 1
new font, it wouldn't be an issue. 

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