[Fontconfig] Prioriziting a directory

Jean Abou Samra jean at abou-samra.fr
Sun Dec 18 19:22:00 UTC 2022


Is there a way to express this in a Fontconfig configuration
file: "If you find a matching font in this directory given
as relative path, ignore other matches and choose that one"?

Context: LilyPond (the GNU music typesetter) uses Fontconfig via
Pango for finding text fonts, but also for music fonts in some
cases. The music fonts are developed together with LilyPond,
and a given LilyPond installation should never look outside
of its data directory for finding music fonts. However, text
fonts should be findable on the system.

If this isn't possible, I'll use two FcConfigs with Pango,
and restrict one of them to LilyPond's datadir only, but
currently LilyPond sets up a fallback to normal text fonts
for its special fonts, and it would be nice to preserve
that. I hope that's clear.


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